Organic or not organic

Organic or not organic, I’m asking myself again. In the beginning of the season I was all excited to do a full organic approach. While our neighbours were dumping tons of chemistry on their land and laughing at this naive beginner, I was full of happy thoughts for my crops. Our lawn is not perfect but we love it. Our back lawn is meadowy and we love it. The neighbours do not like it, they look at it and say the weeds must go. I tried to explain my approach and why I try to plant heirloom and not some fake and over-bred hybrids, I have explained that the little flowers and volunteer plants in the lawns are not bad. It is all about biodiversity which will promote the natural balance which will help me grow organic. That was until now.

I have to say the weather was not merciful to me. It was constantly raining and then it heated up and then raining and hot again. Now it is hot and raining every second night. The days are extremely humid. I have to say neighbours warned me ! Your crops will be eaten by mold and fungi! They were right. My tomatoes are rotten one after another. And when there is a little chance that they could start to recover, the rain comes again. Plenty of strawbs and beans were victims too. Bye bye beans, bye bye tomatoes.

I was warned also about the Colorado Potato Beetle. There is a great poison against them. I did not use it. I went organic. I picked them and smashed them. Until now. They finished my eggplants. Bye Bye eggplant.

The humid air also managed to wipe out my grapes. I have a small vineyard with 400 roots /vines/. Organic. And without yield.Our house has a view to some micro-vineyards, and all we can hear is the engine of sprayers. After each rain the farmers go and spray. I did not.

So what is next? What a hell should I do? Should I start to use chemicals? That helps. Maybe. I have to say I am damn tempted ! The season is not over. Lets see what is going to happen with my apples and pears, are they going to be the next victims of pests and diseases? Ahhh…bye bye Braeburns and Buy bye Fuji?

I am tempted to leave the organic approach but I will not. I am really sorry for my crop and next year I have to think of something to protect it in an organic way. I can buy non-organic produce in the shop so I do not need to grow it. I have two small humans at home who will benefit from this, and maybe one day they will have great memories. The veggies and fruits which survived gave us plenty of pleasure and we knew what are we eating. We had great peas, awesome corn, and we still have some tomatoes /the Black Cherry is a tough guy/, okra / I realized I do not like it/, one or two eggplants, plenty of strawbs, some blueberries, some peaches, some nashi pears, red and black currants, jostas /not that yummy/, raspberries and many other things. The damage was big but we still got plenty of stuff. So all in all nature gave us something and we were happy about it.

The other reason why I will not give up is that in the area where we have the vineyard we purchased a small cottage with overgrown wines and few fruit trees. This is a really neglected area. i love it, because it is meadow and trees. Unfortunately the land has no official ownership papers /something which was left over from the Communist times/, so we did not invest in it. We left it as it is and we just go there to harvest plums, cherries, strawbs, almonds, walnuts etc. There were also some really neglected grapes. I have trimmed them just to practice the grape trimming. They grow among weeds, were never sprayed, I did not touch them since the trimming and they look much better then my cultivated grapes or even the neighbours sprayed grapes. Generally plums had also a hard year but not on this spot.  This gives me hope that organic make sense and once biodiversity and bio-balance is reached everything will be OK.