Times move on

Wow, things got a bit out of hand. Everything is happening so fast! I made these pictures just a week ago and they seem out of date already. This is a small walk through the garden. I hope you enjoy.

In the front I planted some poppies. I bought them on ebay and the “guy” claimed that these are California poppies in different colors. HmmmCalifornia poppies are light orange I thought…Well maybe not. He was right! Just look at these colors and patterns.

One word. WOW.

Last year I bought around 30-40 different plants and bushes. They came all at once, so some of them got mixed up or I forgot what they were. This is one of the examples: last year we had only foliage and were wondering what the heck is this bush? This year it revealed itself. It is jasmine!

Last year I fell in love with clematis. They come in a huge range of colours, shapes, smells. They are just great! My colleague knew about my obsession with clematis and also about wild flowers. Wild flowers+clematis=wild clematis. It is a great plant. Although very sensitive to fungal diseases.

This is another wild clematis from the hills of Transylvania /Romania

My wife’s favourite, peony. We have a few bushes which we got from my dad. Seems I planted them too deep, because this was the only flower. but there is always next year.

My pride. Blueberries in our area are a lot of work. They need acid soil, soft water and plenty of it. You should not plant them close to a concrete wall ! I know i did, but I did not know that at the time ! / I have to admit these are not the only blueberries we have. The total number is now around 8 bushes. One is a low bush blueberry. As I said. if your soil is not acid, they are plenty of work.

They said that they taste like blueberries! Thay said they grow in pH neutral soil! They do grow in pH neutral soil, but they do not taste like blueberries. What a disappointment.

Very rare and very hard to get strawberries “Mara De Bois”. They are premium because they look like cultivated strawberries but taste like wild strawberries. I am so curious. This year was they year of planting strawberries. We also bought “Honeoye” and a Slovak variety “Ostara”. I also started some alpine strawberries from seed. I had to decide about a ground cover under our front window, something among the irises and peonies. In our vineyard I found a neglected area where there were plenty of strawberries fighting a battle with grass. So I transplanted them and used them as a ground cover. It works. And they taste good too.

This chard is a part of the organic veggie garden. Since then we had some rain and it grew 3x bigger.

The organic veggie garden. Tomatoes, corn, watermelon, peas, chard, lettuce, aubergines, okra and many more just behind the berry alley. These veggies are grown organically. We will see what is going to happen. The neighbours are famous for spraying like crazy. I hope the pests will not come to me for refuge.

Artichokes popping out. They will replace peas in the veggie bed. Peas are famous for fixing nitrogen in the soil, so they artichokes will be spoiled a bit.

Sometimes when you go organic you lose a battle. This is a peach tree attacked by leaf curl. Leaf curl is especially dangerous for young trees. I have already lost 2 young peach trees. When all the young leaves get attacked, they fall off and the tree “suffocates”. This one is a lucky one, it was only partly attacked.

This Japanese pear “Nashi” was planted in last autumn and already went crazy. Started soo many fruits. Some of them will have to be removed in order to not overuse the energy. I am glad it likes its new home.

Happy Braeburn apple.

I had no clue what is this pretty weed until i have listened to the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast. I used to mow it . Well it is Comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.), a superb compost accelerator or fertilizer. To use it as a fertilizer you have to let it rot in the bucket. When Emma from the AKG podcast mentioned that this thing stinks I thought she is just a sensitive “westerner”. We Eastern Europeans are tough ! Well trust her and trust me, when you let it rot that thing stinks ! But it is great for your plants. How far will a good gardener go for his plants? Very far. I have a bucket full of comfrey in the farthest end corner of the garden.

Organic gardening is a lifestyle. You have to attract your “friends”. We have plenty of toad friends residing in my cellar /thank god they do not drink wine!/. With my son we decided to build them Under the Cherry Tree Toad Condos /UCHTTC/. They did not move in yet, we expect them sometime in the autumn. We used the top of the condos as a bed for more strawberries.

This is the very end of the garden full of poppies. These are domesticated wild variety. I have loved them since my childhood. If you want to see more of these beauties check the “Rural walk” post.